Wing Lounge Chair
Cell Coffee Table
ZigZig Chair
LightSpeaker Lamp
Dice Coffee Table
Bongo Lounge Table
Kristall Chandelier
Topografi Seating
Cyma Coffe Table
Maxelle Chair
Rick Sofa

RICK Sofas & Armchair are made for people who wants a contemporary seating system, but not another uncomfortable square place to sit. Don’t get us wrong, as you can see we love the cubic shape, but we’ve done everything we can to make it comfortable. The upholstery is made in space foam that adapts to your body. The luxurious base made of solid mirror or satin polished aluminum is not just for looks. It creates unique possibilities for side tables and shelf’s to hold your book, drink, remote, magazine etc. All pieces are available with low or high backrests. Design: Michael Malmborg, I/IDSA

Download product sheet (PDF, 2.1 MB).